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Welcome to West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh! “First-Timer” visitors (those who have never been to a social nudist event) are always welcome at any of our club events.

We understand that it is natural to have apprehensions about visiting a nudist club for the very first time. Take comfort in the fact that, unless they were raised in a nudist home, every nudist was new to the experience at one time, and most have felt those same "First-Timer” jitters.

We want your first visit to a nudist club event to be a comfortable as possible. Therefore, in an effort to help you tame those "First-Timer” jitters, this ‘First-Timer Visitor Guide’ has been developed to give you some insight as to what you can expect when you visit one of our club events for the first time.

Club Overview

West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh is a member-run, family-oriented nudist club located just east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for families, couples and singles to enjoy the benefits of nude recreation.

Our founding principles are that nude bodies are natural and wholesome and, in the context of family-oriented nudist activities, should not be viewed as sexual objects. We emphasize self-acceptance; the belief that any body shape, color, or size is equally acceptable; the freedom to enjoy nude recreation in a protected environment.

Active Season

Our active seasons run throughout the autumn, winter, and spring months of each calendar year (late September to late April). Once summer rolls around and our active season comes to a close, many of our members plan day-trips or weekend camping outings at nearby nudist camps. 

During our active season, we gather on selected Saturday evenings, from 8:00 pm to Midnight, at an indoor pool for swimming, sharing good food, and socializing.

Please go to our official website, westpennnaturist.com, to view the most current schedule of our club events.

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